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Deciphering the source of Hoa Binh real estate "speeding up"


Over the years, many driving forces have pushed Hoa Binh real estate market to break through, attract businesses to land in project investment and create a strong attraction that makes investors "stand still". .
Many types of products "attract" investors
In recent years, Hoa Binh real estate market has recorded positive signals. A series of projects with a scale of hundreds of hectares and a total investment of trillions of VND have been licensed, put into construction and have created a "fever" in the real estate investors at many times. produce.
According to search statistics, Hoa Binh emerged as a phenomenon, the amount of interest increased sharply, especially in real estate, especially in areas such as: Ho Chi Minh City. Hoa Binh, Luong Son district, Kim Boi... The survey shows that, especially in the city area. In Hoa Binh, the average annual land price increases by 10-15%, the remaining districts increase by 10%.
Hoa Binh real estate market now has many types of products for investors to choose from. Especially in the city area. Hoa Binh, residential land and project land with beautiful location are the priority of the "gods". Particularly in Kim Boi and Luong Son districts, with plain terrain and low mountains, many natural streams, rivers and lakes, and only 30-40km from Hanoi, it is very convenient to develop suburban resorts.
 The route connecting Hoa Lac (Hanoi) and Hoa Binh city
Real estate experts said that Hoa Binh province has mainly mountainous terrain, which will be a disadvantage for industrial real estate development. But in return, this place has beautiful natural scenery, diverse cultural life, convenient to develop resort real estate if invested properly.
An investor shared: “Except for the segment of villas and townhouses sold by large project developers, a part of investors participate in this market in the form of land consolidation. residential area, have a red book and then subdivide plots for sale, especially in areas adjacent to Hanoi and convenient traffic roads along Thang Long Boulevard or National Highway 6".
It can be seen that Hoa Binh real estate market is becoming more and more exciting and creates a force to "attract" businesses to invest. In 2020 alone, the locality attracted a total capital of up to 94,000 billion VND, including the presence of prestigious corporations such as Vingroup, Sun Group, FLC Group, Geleximco, An Thinh Group, Phuong Dong Group. ..
There are a series of large-scale projects with great potential for profit such as: Quynh Lam multi-function center in Ho Chi Minh City. Hoa Binh, with an area of ​​43ha; Project of resort, eco-urban, sport and entertainment area in Yen Thuy district, with a scale of 705ha; The project of Thung Nai resort and eco-urban area in Cao Phong and Tan Lac districts, with an area of ​​about 981 ha; Project of urban area, tourism, eco-resort Tong Dau in Mai Chau district, with a scale of 163ha; 2 hi-tech agricultural projects with an area of ​​1,700 ha in Da Bac district and Ky Son agricultural urban area with an area of ​​700 ha; Cuu Long Ecological and Service Urban Area Project in Luong Son District, with a scale of 60ha...
Infrastructure development "lifts the wings" of real estate
If observing the socio-economic development of Hoa Binh, many people cannot help but be surprised by the rapid change of a northern mountainous province. In recent years, Hoa Binh has actively put a series of key transport projects of great significance into planning, construction, and operation. In particular, the Thang Long - Hoa Binh Boulevard route, shortening the time from Hanoi to Hoa Binh to only one hour.
According to the plan, in the next 5 years, the province will continue to mobilize over VND 120,000 billion to accelerate the completion of key traffic routes. In which, investment in expanding Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh expressway (6 lanes, 120m wide corridor) is identified as a key project, seamlessly connecting the Northwest, Hoa Binh province with Hanoi and other localities. side in the region.
In addition, the project of connecting road between Hoa Binh - Hanoi and Son La highway (Hoa Binh - Moc Chau) is also actively promoted, ensuring the policy of developing dynamic regions. In parallel, the province has accelerated the completion of the planned traffic network such as Hoa Binh 2 bridge, provincial roads 435, 438, 433, and Lac Son - Tan Lac highland interdistrict roads...
Along with that, the government of Hoa Binh province is also very interested in proposing the implementation of many key transport infrastructure projects such as the road connecting Ho Chi Minh City and the city. Hoa Binh - Kim Boi, provincial road 450, provincial road 436... The province is also trying to mobilize all resources to invest in highways Hoa Binh - Moc Chau, Ho Chi Minh road - Hanoi ring 5 ( section through the province), building bypass routes through densely populated areas in towns...
With the strategic vision of Hoa Binh provincial government, many roads have been completed and put into operation, contributing to increasing connectivity and trade with Hanoi and other provinces.
Besides, Hoa Binh province also pays special attention to economic development with regional linkage. Specifically, this province has used support budget sources to invest in roads connecting Hoa Binh lake tourist area to Dong Tam tourist area, Tam Chuc tourist area (Ha Nam)