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Lamia Graden

 Location: Phu Quoc, Kien Giang
Investor: Nam Phat Phu Quoc Joint Stock Company (Member of Tsan Group)
Scale: 30.000 m²
Total Investment: Updating
Completion: 2025


Lamia Garden


Location: Bai Truong Beach, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

Scale: 30.000 m²

Expected Completion: 2025



Lamia Garden is located in the center of Bai Truong Beach, Phu Quoc with a coastline of more than 20km, starting from Dinh Cau cape to the corner of Tau Ru, Therefore, the project not only inherits the ability to connect to the sea. Along with the flexibility of Phu Quoc, but also especially convenient for transportation on the island:

Along with the transformation of Pearl Island - one of the most ideal beach tourism and resort real estate investment destinations in Vietnam. The strong growth of tourism has led to an increasing demand for resort hotels, Lamia Garden project is the optimal choice for investors who are looking for a safe and profitable investment location in a sustainable way. time.

Project with a scale of 30.000 m2 stretching over 100m of sea surface

The main road is 36m . wide

Distance (overland) from Lamia Garden to:

  • Phu Quoc International Airport: 7 minutes
  • Duong Dong town: 12 minutes
  • An Thoi town: 12 minutes
  • Amon Beach Resort: 1 minute
  • Seaside Village: 3 minutes

Perfect connection inside and outside the area:

With the arterial road is the central boulevard East West and North South (Width from 62m - 68m)
Branch road 18m - 24m . wide
Located right next to luxury hotels and resorts such as Amon Beach Resort, Seaside Village, Sol Beach House, Best Western Premier, Novotel, Inter - Continental Phu Quoc, Muong Thanh Hotel


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